7 Tips To Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Coffee sometimes seems to be some sort of magical drink.  I am not afraid to say that I like coffee in all shapes and forms.  Also, I enjoy preparing different types of coffee, but for myself, for my family, and for my friends.  However, it takes real skill to prepare a perfect cup of coffee.  This is not something done the easily.

If you want to learn how to prepare a perfect cup of coffee, feel free to look at the following tips and apply some or all of them when you are preparing your next coffee.  You will definitely be more satisfied with your cup of coffee, since these tips will make it taste a whole lot better.

glass-cup-and-beans1. Buy Fresh Beans

If you want to make a tasty coffee, you should definitely by some fresh beans.  Make sure and that the beans have not been ground prior to buying them.  In this way you will be certain that you have purchased pure coffee.  Also, make friends with the person who is selling you beans, and ask them about their deliveries.  In this way you will know when they get fresh coffee.

2. Choose Good Coffee

Furthermore, you should carefully consider the quality on the coffee beans you are buying.  Of course you should be aware that there are different types of beans.  Therefore, prior to purchasing coffee, make sure that you know how to recognize and choose good, quality coffee beans.

3. Grind Your Own Coffee

If you want to make the most perfect cup of coffee, you should grind your own coffee at home.  You can buy a coffee grinder, or you can use a similar appliance to help you grind beans.

4. Avoid Cheap Filters

If you want your coffee taste perfectly, please avoid using cheap filters.  Cheap filters can only ruin the taste of your coffee.  And being that you have already put so much effort into preparing a perfect cup of coffee, don’t let a filter ruin it for you.

5. Use Quality Water

You will make the most exquisite coffee if you use quality water.  Do not to use the tap water, or water you wouldn’t normally drink.

6. Use Enough Coffee

When preparing a perfect cup of coffee you shouldn’t be stingy.  Use enough coffee in order to prepare this exquisite drink.  If you are uncertain about the amount of coffee you should use, I will tell you.  You should use about two level tablespoons per 6-ounce cup.


7. Heat

Furthermore, the temperature of the water is also important.  You do not to want to put coffee into water which is not at ideal temperature.  But what is ideal temperature?  Well, ideally your water should be at 200 F degrees, which is the temperature of water 45 seconds after full boil.

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